Friday, October 29, 2004

GMail: More then just bots reading it

Ah new reports say that gmail is wide open for anyone to login and read whoever's mail, interesting with all the controversial stuff 5 months back on adsense scanning your email for revalent ads, this exploit though hasn't been posted on the net, and gmail programmers say it will be fixed

This is nothing new or anything to be concerned about, sure anyone can read your private email, but they gotta have your email address. Me persoanlly I wish gmail had a feature in which anyone could log into your account in read only mode, and also make my emails show up in google search results, I just think it would be awesome. Anyways if anybody wants to read my personal crap, please hack into , please reply to any urgent emails I get while your in, thanks


Blogger a-arse said...

Wow, how could you get something so wrong?

Damn fools, read vulnerability reports. DON'T SKIM AND THEM MAKE STUFF UP

9:36 AM  

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