Saturday, October 30, 2004

Firefox trail blazing the Web

ah firefox, if you havn't heard of it go download it

It's an open source web browser that hasn't even reached version 1.0 yet is the biggest challenge to IE in many years. But it's doing more then just changing the way most people surf the web, it is changing the web itself, developers love this browser and are pushing it. And one of the best ways to push it is to make their web site's friendly with it. Which means sites are being redesigned with firefox in mind. It is literally burning through the web, accelarating the web's natural evolution. Interesting eh? What could happen is sorta scary to microsoft, something it doesn't want to admit. Despite a the major sites staying friendly to all the major browsers, smaller sites could decide to stop bothering with making their sites IE friendly, forcing users to use firefox

It's no secret that despite the fact that nearly everyone uses windows, many despise microsoft, and want to take away all of it's presence on the web, most web servers are linux based, yet IE is the most popular browser, and for one reason, it's the default on windows. But this is where the small developers come in, whenever you search for info, you usually get it from one of them millions of them, if they force you to use firefox to view their site, we could have an IE free web, already about 50% of technology minded use firefox, about 5% of all those on the web.

if this goes to 90% the trailblazing of the web by firefox won't be a small fade, but a major movement, and i say jump onto the bandwagon.


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Firefox rocks.

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