Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Origins of Halloween

Back in 1823 a man by the name of Scott Hal owned a small candy shop in a small town. The shop wasn't doing all that well mostly because he would always give away candy to children. Which needless to say killed his profits. He admitted to himself that he had to close up, and so decided that on his last day of business October 31st he would give out all of his candy. Children heard not only all over his town but throughout the entire area, anyone who had ever been to the little candy shop heard, so many remember the man's kindness to them, that they all wanted to say farewell. But when they are arrived someone had the idea to put out a donations can, thousands of doallers were donated, the man was overwhelmed by this, he decided that he could afford to stay open, and so he did, but every year around augest he would begin taking donations, and then on October 30th give out candy to all of the adults in town, so that they next day the children could go around getting candy, his idea caught on. People begin making this and that to give to children that went door to door. And the idea spread, soon the entire nation dedicated one night, October 31st to going door to door and getting free candy, all thanks to one man Scott Hal, who they named Halloween after. I salute you Mr. Hal thanks for the candy.


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