Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Food Origins - The Pancake

In about 1852 a man by the name of Edward Hopkins was trying to make a loaf of bread but was out of yeast, so he put in an egg instead, then throw it into the oven. 30 minutes later out came this flat thing, but it tasted alost like cake and after expertmentation, Edward figured out that it was best cooked in a pan, so he called it, the pancake

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What stuff means

What it means to be free
To cost nothing, that your owner will give you away at no cost, to not be valued

What freedom is
For your owner to not care if you screw up, to not be cared for, to be left to do anything

What privacy is
Privacy is to be able to do whatever without your owner knowing, so you can feel guilty about it

What security is
Security is the walls that keep you from helping others

What piracy is
Piracy is borrowing without needing to return

What a library is
A library is a collection of outdated books that noone wants to read

What a trial is
A trial is a taste of something you usually can't have

What is money?
Money is pieces of paper that represent gold that noone has seen

What is communism?
Communism is the belief that people aren't evil

What is capitalism?
Capitalism is the belief that whoever is the best at backstabbing should be rich

What is democracy?
Democracy is the belief that the normal person can't run the government, but should think he can

What is history?
History is what the best back-stabbers want us to think happened

What is government?
Government is a group of puppets controled by the best back stabbers

What is english?
English is the popular form if gibberish mutated over several centuires

What is Latin?
The orignal popular version of gibberish

Who were the Romans?
The Romans were brillant back-stabbers that took over most of the world but then killed each other

What were the Middle Ages?
A time in which everyone was back-stabbing, thus creating chaos

What was the Renassance?
A time in which a lot of people were high, and forgot how to back stab, thus exiting the Middle Ages

How do I know if I am high?
Do you see weird colors and feel happy? Then you are

What a waste of time?
Reading this, watching a documentary, and watching the news.

Why are Americans fat?
Because the've become so good at back-stabbing that they don't have to leave thier seats to do it

What is back-stabbing?
betrayal, for personal gain

What is the purpose of this blog?
To vent out my daily dose of nonsense

Do you care if I leave then?
No as long as next time you bring more people



oh nevermind

Big Pizza Pie

Every noticed hwo there is a big pizza pie in the sky every once in a while. I mean seriously the moon looks like a giant pizza pie covered with cheese, it just makes your mouth water...yep

Corrupted Files

My mind is crashing
The box is causing it to overheat
System is corrupting
Recovery isn't fast enough
Shutting Everything down
Need to backup
Corruption levels dangerously high
System Failure
Forcing reboot iniationated
System Corrupted please restore
Restore Files Corrupt
~The System is Down~