Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Origins of Halloween

Back in 1823 a man by the name of Scott Hal owned a small candy shop in a small town. The shop wasn't doing all that well mostly because he would always give away candy to children. Which needless to say killed his profits. He admitted to himself that he had to close up, and so decided that on his last day of business October 31st he would give out all of his candy. Children heard not only all over his town but throughout the entire area, anyone who had ever been to the little candy shop heard, so many remember the man's kindness to them, that they all wanted to say farewell. But when they are arrived someone had the idea to put out a donations can, thousands of doallers were donated, the man was overwhelmed by this, he decided that he could afford to stay open, and so he did, but every year around augest he would begin taking donations, and then on October 30th give out candy to all of the adults in town, so that they next day the children could go around getting candy, his idea caught on. People begin making this and that to give to children that went door to door. And the idea spread, soon the entire nation dedicated one night, October 31st to going door to door and getting free candy, all thanks to one man Scott Hal, who they named Halloween after. I salute you Mr. Hal thanks for the candy.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Firefox trail blazing the Web

ah firefox, if you havn't heard of it go download it

It's an open source web browser that hasn't even reached version 1.0 yet is the biggest challenge to IE in many years. But it's doing more then just changing the way most people surf the web, it is changing the web itself, developers love this browser and are pushing it. And one of the best ways to push it is to make their web site's friendly with it. Which means sites are being redesigned with firefox in mind. It is literally burning through the web, accelarating the web's natural evolution. Interesting eh? What could happen is sorta scary to microsoft, something it doesn't want to admit. Despite a the major sites staying friendly to all the major browsers, smaller sites could decide to stop bothering with making their sites IE friendly, forcing users to use firefox

It's no secret that despite the fact that nearly everyone uses windows, many despise microsoft, and want to take away all of it's presence on the web, most web servers are linux based, yet IE is the most popular browser, and for one reason, it's the default on windows. But this is where the small developers come in, whenever you search for info, you usually get it from one of them millions of them, if they force you to use firefox to view their site, we could have an IE free web, already about 50% of technology minded use firefox, about 5% of all those on the web.

if this goes to 90% the trailblazing of the web by firefox won't be a small fade, but a major movement, and i say jump onto the bandwagon.

Friday, October 29, 2004

GMail: More then just bots reading it

Ah new reports say that gmail is wide open for anyone to login and read whoever's mail, interesting with all the controversial stuff 5 months back on adsense scanning your email for revalent ads, this exploit though hasn't been posted on the net, and gmail programmers say it will be fixed

This is nothing new or anything to be concerned about, sure anyone can read your private email, but they gotta have your email address. Me persoanlly I wish gmail had a feature in which anyone could log into your account in read only mode, and also make my emails show up in google search results, I just think it would be awesome. Anyways if anybody wants to read my personal crap, please hack into , please reply to any urgent emails I get while your in, thanks

Google buys Keysoft

Google has recently gotten another asset, this time a company called keysoft (sounds like a security company to me) but anyways they are basically an advanced map making company. The only immediate change is the pricing of their software going from $70 to $30, unlike when google brought picasa and made it free. So what is google's plan? simple google's long term plan at the moment is to take over the world, they will use this technology to map out assaults on all countries. This combined with there awesome info organization technology will make taking over the world much simpler. The last leak make it appear as though google will begin it's assault on Seattle, Washington. I wonder why?

Monday, October 25, 2004

Spider-man needs to get a job

Seriously folks, who hasn't seen spider-man 2? ok all those that raised their hands please go away

for the rest of you, we see peter parker go though troubles, all because he has the job of spider-man

most of his troubles could be fixed very easily, simply ask for donations, the people would understand how difficult it would be to be a super-hero and have a job to meet room and board

or even just like deliver pizzas as spider-man, how cool would it be to have your pizza delivered by spider-man!? I mean seriously pete, get a brain

now who wants to make the sign for spider-man?

"Will save for food"